Water is Life in Kenyan Schools.

Our primary focus is to identify and assess abandoned wells in hopes of restoring them for underserved communities in Kenya. Given the limited resources, our belief is that restoring existing wells is an effective and immediate strategy that benefits a larger number of affected communities. We support Kenya’s vision to improve the nation’s water quality conditions and empower the underserved communities for today’s generations and generations to come.

A broken well that MOGH rehabilitated at llbissil Girls High School is filling more than a need for drinking water. This project has translated into both health and educational benefits, impacting more than 1,500 students, staff, and the community.

Stephen Paulsen Otieno
Agriculture Teacher, llbissil Girls High School

New Borehole paves the way for girls to learn farming, entrepreneurial skills at Ilbissil Girls High School

“The llbissil Girls High School would like to bring to your attention our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the water project your organization did for us.

The borehole has greatly impacted the lives of the girls and even the neighborhood community. Apart from other water benefits, the school is now able to do farming. We’re growing vegetables and planting trees. We grow kale (skuma wiki), which is used as greens in learners’ diet.

Some girls from vulnerable families took advantage of the farming project to raise money from their produce, which ensured their pockets never went dry.”

Myles of Great Hopes has also donated a 10,000-liter water tank to IlBissil Township primary school in Kajiado, Kenya. As part of the second phase, MOGH volunteers dug trenches and connected the school with the municipal water supply.  MOGH is planning to drill a well in a third phase, and we have partnered with the Global Outreach Group at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church in Raleigh, a 25K project with the goal of drilling a well.

Also, we have donated a 5K liters water tank to the Salvation Army church in Nyangeri, Embu. We are serving nearly 400 church members and families whose health would have been impacted by the highly contaminated Itimbogo river, due to agricultural chemicals rundowns during rainy season. This project is not only meeting clean water needs but also addressing health issues that lead to economic losses and education setbacks as a result of missed school due to illness.

Upon further evaluation, we recognized the need to continue work on this project since the goal is to have permanent source of water. We have therefore partnered with Sacred Cathedral Church in Raleigh in support of sinking the water well. The bore hole survey was funded by the Sacred Cathedral and was completed by NYIKA ASSOCIATES HYDROLOGISTS (LICENCED HYDROGEOLOGISTS IN NAIROBI. as of May 6th 2013. This is a survey report produced under the approval of WARMA – a public sector institution namely the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) Kenya Government.

Because of our friends and donors through fundraising efforts, we donated a water tank to IlBissil Township Primary School with more than 900 pupils. We still envision to sink a water borehole to permanently solve this problem. 

Water for Kenya Project

Our main and central focus with the organization is therefore clean water provision. We realize and with all validity acknowledge solving a water problem in a community is in essence solving a health problem as well as solving an educational problem.

We therefore see these three items: Water, Health, & Education as an intertwined, weaved together, dancing and feeding on each other. It’s hard to separate them. Our primary survey to the community also authenticates our approach. Since we listen to the needs and address those needs, Our logo therefore represents our three pillars our core programs and our mission to the community.

Global Outreach Group at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Raleigh – Hillsborough Street is our main sponsor of this Water for Kenya Project. We are very appreciative of their commitments to the project and their love for the children and the community at large of this semi arid region part of Kenya. Click here to watch the efforts the children of this school walk two kilometers in support of this project Two kilometers walk by the students in support of this project in February 2014

According to the NYIKA ASSOCIATES HYDROLOGISTS (LICENCED HYDROGEOLOGISTS IN NAIROBI report as of May 6th 2013, at least 1800 feet of drilling is required, meaning a foot will cost at least 14 dollars.

We have a very good campaign going on right now and it offers anyone to donate to whatever cause we have with our organization.

Water Bubbler – Ozonator Machine and Stainless steel tank for Il Bissil Girls High School

Reclaim Water Filters and System CEO remind us that Ozone is used in the treatment and purification of drinking water. Ozone is non carcinogenic, generated from oxygen and is ten times stronger than chlorine at water disinfection. Our purifiers bubble up ozone through water in a container of up to 500 gallons. The ozone kills waterborne pathogens and oxidizes organic chemicals in the water helping to make it safer to drink. Bubblers can be powered by 12 VDC solar panels or run from 115 or 230 VAC so please specify which one would best suit your needs. A pictorial instruction set is included with each bubbler.

Through sponsorship by Reclaim Filters and Systems –Open Water Reclaim site here  of Wake Forest North Carolina, Myles of Great Hopes has donated a Water Bubbler Machine to IlBissil Girls High school. The company also donated a stainless steel water filter talk and its white approved bags as filters that would fit to size. Il Bissil girls have more than 400 students including teaching staff and others.

In a letter from the school leadership and students body, the Ozonator machine is beneficial and their survey indicates few cases of stomach problems, or common water borne diseases according to their letters.