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Educational support for impoverished families by MoGH is a key component to our cause. We dedicate this mission by going

to public institutions in need and supporting a project that would help keep students more focused with their education, don’t miss classes, or fall sick from avoidable measures for that matter.Equally and on special cases, we have dedicated a family support where not supporting would have led the child to drop from school, so yes, a unique situation.

At YMCA Nakuru Branch, MoGH spearheaded a 10 kilometer walk and proceeds benefited a young girl, a student at the school whose family of seven couldn’t support her for tuition. She was the first born in the family. We are happy to review requests. We do not guarantee anything since we depend on well wishers and donors, but on cases that gets approved by us, we do everything to see the success.

Please support a seasonal campaign when one becomes available.


Can we count on you when we have a need for?

  • Support a boy child
  • Support a girl child
  • Support for a family on an extreme case project under a qualifying core program with us.