Myles of Great Hopes was founded in 2009 and officially launched in October at Cameron Village Library in Raleigh, North Carolina by Founder and President Isaac Kuria, a Raleigh resident and Kenyan native.

MoGH leadership embraces all volunteer board members including the chair. To remain effective and relevant, MoGH has its committee in Raleigh NC as well as Nairobi Kenya.

We have propelled forward and achieved some milestones in the community addressing some specific things.  Provision of Clean Water remains our top most priority and through that, Education and Health are addressed and we cannot therefore ignore.

At MoGH, we survey the communities and address the most pressing need as long as it falls within the scope of our approved mission and vision.

It’s a great country! A country of 48 million people, of diverse cultures and traditions, of many dialects, the cradle of human kind, the home of big five, nature, safari’s, amazing serenity, breath taking wildebeest migrations, encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands, coastline on the Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches,fun night life, international cuisines and migrants, wonderful welcoming hospitable people with kind hearts, smiles, hard working citizens, loving, great family values, educated population, innovative minds, great discoveries, the powerhouse of east Africa, diverse faiths and religions, home to refugees, home of Swahili; Hakuna Matata song, a country housing international institutions such as United Nations, Habitat for Humanity, RTI International, IBM, a destination for International conferences, good road networks to some degree, five star hotels with world business travelers, museums with great history branched out of National Museums of Kenya, world marathon recognized winners, rugby, a place where every boy knows how to make a soccer ball and put together a game while grazing, Rotary Club, best coffee, tea, carnation flowers, large and small scale farming, a place where Equator line cuts the country into half, home of Mt. Kilimanjaro & Kenya, a place with fresh water lake, lake shared by three countries.

Kenya, a country with arid and semi arid region, a home to our signature traditional tribe of Masai people lives, where Pride Vs. Tribe, an award winning movie was featured, and this list can just keep going and going. There is so much good about Kenya and we want you to go experience. In a survey of non Kenyan’s who have visited before, there is always going back, there is just something amazing about this place.

Every country in the world has great things about them, and equally, every country faces some challenges but magnitudes differ. In Kenya, as a developing nation, some regions simply lack clean water, are semi arid, some families cannot meet basic needs, and this is where we come in as an organization. At MoGH, we are very proud of this country Kenya and passionate about growth and development in keeping the spirit, the hopes and dreams of the unfortunate cases and voices validated. These efforts are not just unique to us as an organization, we are however a committed group authentic to making a difference and contributing to the human race through project based empowering & sustainability. This is also a national government agenda in growth and development in highlighting on economic development.