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Meet Our team

Myles of Great Hopes – Global

Board of Directors

President & CEO
Executive Director
Chair, Water/Sanitation Operations
Chair, Finance
Advisory, Member-at-Large
Chair, Communications & logistics
Chair, Marketing
Advisory, Member-at-Large & Compliance
Chair, Health & Sanitation
Chair, Education & Mentorship
Chair, Grants and Scholarships
Member-at-Large, Branding & Events
Member-at-Large, Planning & Logistics
Member-at-Large, Planning & Logistics

Kenya Mission Trip Leaders

Education Mission Chair

Committee Leaders & Advisors

Lead - Art, Wine & Design for Water
Advisory - 5K Planning Committee
MoGH Photography and Media recording
Advisory – Programming and Events Master of Ceremony
Advisory – At-Large & Young Students Club
Advisory – MoGH Virginia Representative (University Liaison and Development)
Advisory - MoGH Outreach
Lead - MoGH Data Analyst and Reporting
Lead - MoGH Technical & IT
Advisory – University Research Stem

State Representatives

Arizona State

MoGH Arizona Representative

Indiana State

MoGH Indiana Representative

New York State

Lead - MoGH University College Students Outreach (New York Representative)

Georgia State

Georgia Representative

Myles of Great Hopes – Kenya

Board Members

Executive Secretary
Community Engagement & Research Coordinator
Community and Media Programming Director
University Liaison Sanitary Health Director
Student Mentorship/Educational Director
Youth Field Research and Surveys Coordinator
Youth & Talent Development Director
Community Sustainability programming Director

Advisory Members

Project Manager
Fundraising & Media liaison

Myles of Great Hopes - France

Boreholes, Abandoned wells, Green-Energy R & D

Myles of Great Hopes - Turkey

On Operations & Administrations