Myles of Great Hopes image of water taps in Ilbissil

Our primary focus is to identify and assess abandoned wells in hopes of restoring them for underserved communities in Kenya. A broken well that MOGH rehabilitated at llbissil Girls High School is filling more than a need for drinking water. This project has translated into both health and educational benefits, positively impacting more than 1,500 students, staff, and the community.


Educational support for impoverished families by MoGH is a key component to our cause. We dedicate this mission by going to public institutions in need and supporting projects that help keep students more focused on their education.

Health & Sanitation

Addressing proper hygiene and avoiding sicknesses through waterborne contamination are some of the ways that MOGH is making an impact in sanitation and health. We offer seminars and workshops in places of learning or community based public forums such as schools and churches to help advance this agenda in the right direction.