2021 Virtual Session Waiver Form

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2021 Virtual Session Waiver Form

I have been made fully aware and understand that:

•    All mentors of CoderDojoApex  and Myles of Great Hopes (hereafter “CoderDojo”) are offering their services voluntarily and on a good faith, not-for profit, basis. The CoderDojo mentors do not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever or howsoever arising, for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from any advice or instruction, or lack of advice or instruction, offered by any CoderDojo mentor.

•         As a parent/guardian and children’s name listed below (hererafter “We”) are participating in virtual sessions and online events hosted by CoderDojo on a fully voluntary basis and do so at our own risk. CoderDojo mentors do not bear any responsibility for any liability that may be caused as a result of their instruction or lack of instruction. For example, if our laptop crashes or is damaged due to the downloading of any particular software suggested by a CoderDojo mentor, then We, and only We, bear full responsibility for any such damage and We hereby hold harmless and indemnify CoderDojo of Apex,NC mentors for and against any claim for damages howsoever arising.


•         CoderDojo strives to ensure a secure virtual environment and We are required to follow guidelines for a respectful and safe experience for our participants including but not limited to use of waiting rooms, verifying participant identity, check-ins and monitoring online text communication but CoderDojo can’t guarantee against all security breaches and protect against hacks that could be possible with the use of such a technology.

•        CoderDojo participants makes use of Webcam to verify identity and video sharing technology for presentations, it must be recognized and accepted that images and screenshots may be captured and possibly retained by members of the Dojo without consent that we have no control over.

•  We will not share meeting information including meeting link and passcode with unregistered members or via email without prior consent from a CoderDojo Mentor, for the safety of other participants.

Data Privacy:

All information provided collected below and on CoderDojo website are confidential and not shared with any third parties or for marketing purposes. Mentors may use this information to contact the parent for member communication and announcements only.

Social Media Waiver:

I also acknowledge that during the session photos and videos taken may include your child and release them for use in CoderDojo social media pages or in digital media used for event promotion purposes.