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Our COVID 19 Message to our Audience, and Supporters

Who We Are


We are an International nonprofit organization public 501 c – 3 with clear purpose of serving communities in rural Kenya and beyond. We are built of a diverse group of individuals who have come together to make life better for someone in that need.

Our Core Values

Our MoGH ambition to grow and let others know who we are, that we all matter and how we should go about it as we listen to others insight in joining hands to deliver on our commitments
Our MoGH acts of doing the right thing even when we have no idea how the next project will be funded, those long volunteer hours from our team members to the human kind.
Our signature way of pulling together and shifting paradigms. The picture of an anthill only made possible by thousands of ants who bring little pieces of dirt to build a hill from a flat land. This is a challenge to human kind. At MoGH, our team has the go getter spirit, if an ant can do this, we can achieve more together.
Even when volunteer work seems not to reward financially, the pay is priceless and the joy, the satisfaction of making difference in someone’s life is paramount.
If it was not for passion and compassion, we would not be talking of MoGH. In our view, our members have a special and unique calling in what they do best, we see it from far and it’s our driving force.
Dedicating the resources to where they are needed most, sacrificing and delivering on our promises has kept us growing and joining hands with other reputable institutions as partners, sponsors and our team is growing. Changing a problem or a need to a solution is our culture, and we seek you out there to join our hands
Our MoGH inside influences helps the outside. Our ability in finding sustainable programs brings growth in both human capital, resources, and outwardly, our beneficiaries extends the tradition. Our growth is our discipline to keep what matters to develop.
Our MoGH volunteers both physical and virtually. We have grown so much because of this act of kindness. It has a natural sense of accomplishment, identity, increased self confidence, professional growth and much more. Do not be left behind, we can count on your volunteerism, let us know what program interests you.

Contribute on our charity work by your donation. Thanks for your heart ♥.

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What people say

Winnie Mwikali
Nowadays we have enough water for use. Before , water used to be rationed leading to students not doing their area duties forcing them to miss classes so that they could take care of their duties. Some students’ personal hygiene was not to the standards but with sufficient water nowadays they take the shortest time to perform their hostel duties and they are clean. Thanks to the Myles of great hope.
Mr. Abezely Sango
With enough water due to the electricity at the bore hole,we can beautify our environment by planting more trees and flowers. We save nature because of Myles of Great Hope.
Marion M. Kithinji
We are very grateful to the Myles of Great Hope for the grant and it has touched the lives of Ilbissil fraternity positively. By using electricity to pump water compared to the diesel fuel, it has impacted positively to our school
Josphine Mutavi
We thank our sponsors who installed the bore hole with electricity. We now have enough water to do the cooking, cleaning and for drinking. May God bless them.
We are so grateful to the Myles of Great hope as now we have enough water to do our laundry, there are more water points to our big growing school hence we don’t waste much time queuing for long as we scramble for the limited resource. THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERY ONE at any time because electricity pumps more water at a low cost so the school gives us enough.