Our History

It took Isaac a long time before this organization came into being. In July 2007, he was blessed with his first born son Myles and this was a wake-up call. Isaac says one day he looked at the baby Myles, helpless, too little, and just crying for everything and he reflected on similar children back home from poor communities. There was no difference with neither of them nor their demanding needs. The important thing to note here was that majority of those little children were born of poor families were not as lucky as Myles was. Specifically, Myles would get his Diaper changed for a new one while a child born of a poor family in Kenya would get probably 15 – 20 cloth napkins that would last the entire childhood. Such cloth napkins were passed through older brothers or sisters, very emotional to think of it from whatever angle. He decided it was time, and Myles of Great Hopes was born. A long process but officially was launched on October 17th 2009 at Cameron Village Library.

The takeaway from this diaper/napkins story is actually not the diapers/napkins in the real sense, but the need for water to wash those napkins was the issue. Not having enough water to take care of these young children captures a whole range of the importance of water from drinking, to hygiene, to sicknesses, to growing food crops, raring chicken, cattle, economic growth and sustainability among others. Solving the problem from the root cause was very key, and therefore providing clean water was the solution.

We are headquartered in Raleigh, and we have grown a great deal with our membership base, blessed with amazing diverse group of individuals and their families. We have also partnered with different organizations, and attracted multiple companies in whatever capacity during our fundraising efforts.


We are an International nonprofit organization public 501 c – 3 Non-profit organizations with clear purpose of serving communities in rural Kenya and beyond. We are built of a diverse group of individuals who have come together to make life better for someone in that need.


Our mission is to build a cornerstone through education, churches and communities to create healthy self reliance and productivity.


To revive, empower and sustain hopes.

We are a young but effective organization with a clear purpose. We develop realistic plans to our projects, strategize on support systems to enhance community confidence, and bring hope in sensible, measurable goals and metrics which we use to monitor achievements over time. Our culture is our shared values as volunteers who improve us as a team and as individuals while driving excellent results for the communities we support.

At MoGH, we honor and appreciate new ideas in creativity as a way of finding solutions. Communication is our utmost key that helps to acknowledge peoples’ input, increases our trust value, and everyone remains as a family and inclusive. It is our culture to say Thank You, and appreciate diversity both in age, sex, ethnic backgrounds etc. Because of these principles, we remain direct and effective.