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Downtown Apex on Saturday March 29th – Be there!


Welcome all to this public event focusing on Proud of My Culture with Myles of Great Hopes. Come represent your country, but to perform you must register interest with the MoGH team to get into the program. Last entry date is Thursday March 27th 2014. No cost if your are a participant. Come early to avoid sold out surprise. Proceeds to benefit Education cause in rural Kenya.

Thank you, MoGH Team!!


I am


I am a son, brother, uncle, husband, dad, loving, compassionate, respectful, and responsible community people person. That is not all about me, but this is not about me or my family, it's about that other child, that other family, that other community in need. It's actually about how you and I can be of service to them. It is fun and satisfying, try by joining our team!!






Our Philosophy


Is the art and science of what we as an organization envision how the society should look like. MoGH believes in learning about the challenges facing the poor communities and finding ways on how to resolve these challenges while remaining true to the mission and vision.


We develop realistic plans to our projects; strategize on support systems to enhance community confidence and bring hope in sensible, measurable goals and metrics which we use to monitor achievements over time.


Our Culture


Our culture is our shared values as volunteers to the organization. We cultivate the culture that improves us as a team and as individuals, drives excellent products and services for the communities we support. These are our bottom line understandings and perspectives that unite us all and move the organization forward. Our principles help us prioritize and determine on how to get the work done by fostering a collective behavior or the best candidate for the task. Our belief supports the mission and vision and by default enhances the commitment by our dedicated volunteers and members.


Our members and volunteers commit financially, emotionally and physically and their efforts continue to make a difference in our communities. Our positive culture embarks on our core values and ensures the strength of purpose in achieving required goals through productivity and retention.


Isaac sowed in time of famine…


Myles of Great Hopes is named after our lovely first born son. It was the best thing ever to just teach him and remind him every day that there is a child his age, older or younger who misses out on basic human needs like clean drinking water.

The inspiration to start the organization was my own story. Born in a big nuclear family of ten, I saw our mom manage business but unselfishly give to the needy at our local village/community. Our dad died in 1982 but our mum held us together and observed Christian values and teachings with calm faith and hope.

My parents had invested on a posho mill for gridding maize into flour and our mum used to give some families free flour to cook Ugali for their families. Ugali is a staple food in Kenya. We also had several dairy cows and the milk that we got in the evening was distributed to families for their children to consume.

It was from what I saw my mother do to make a difference in these few households and the smiles that she brought to their faces that I started learning about; sharing, helping your neighbor, sustaining hopes and empowering someone.

Sadly, we lost our mom in 1998 but her spirit still lives with us and for her, the acts of giving back and helping lives on!! To practice and remain true to these values, Myles of Great Hopes became the best vessel to making the world a better place for these people. It's nothing like it, come join team MoGH and probably you hold the key to the next needy family drinking that clean water.


Water queue, subjected water is not clean for human consumption. kajiado


I still have painful memories of classmates and friends who could not afford to graduate from school because they lacked tuition, money to purchase books and uniforms. A good number did not have running water or a well and would travel many kilometers to fetch drinking water from the nearest river. We provide water wells or drill boreholes for such communities and educate the people on other beneficial ways of utilizing the same water-- e.g. start a chicken coup, irrigation for tomatoes, cabbages, and onions; train them on how to market their surplus and start other businesses from the capital gains and through that, we will be empowering and using the resources wisely.


We cannot do all this alone, partnering is very essential! We challenge you to come join us and together we will succeed. Since we started the organization in 2009, we have been able to dramatically improve the lives of more than 1600 individuals and counting! You definitely have something special to share, to tell us, to contribute as we all make some powerful blessing on these communities.


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