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Mish ONeal – Bio
Chair, Communications & logistics

My name is Minne ONeal, also known as Mish. I went to school at Valdosta State University in Georgia where I earned a Masters degree in Early Childhood and Special Education.

I have have worked with People to People Ambassador program in leadership programs in universities such as UCLA, Stanford, and Chicago . I also participated in programs in Washington DC including leading a team of students to a president inauguration.
I have also lead a team of ambassador students to Italy, Greece, Athens and Sicily.

I taught for Wake County Public schools for 5 years where I taught elementary and middle school age students.I am currently a homemaker and busy raising two girls. I also tutor math to students in elementary and middle school in person and via Skype.

I love hanging out with my husband Chad and girls Gabrielle and Claire.
I enjoy traveling and working with students of different ages.
I enjoy coordinating logistics of events such as weddings and parties.

I joined Myles of Great Hopes because it is an organization that gives back to my birth country Kenya. Some of these families that get help from the organization do not even have their basic needs. I joined because I am passionate about education and one of Myles of Great Hopes missions is to educate students. I also joined because of Isaac. He believes in this organization and does what it takes to see it succeed. He never gives up and believes in the great work Myles of Great Hopes does.

Favorite quote:

Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change.
~William Arthur Ward

Join us as we impart knowledge, provide clean water, and work hard to provide health and sanitation to those in need.