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Michelle Wagura

My name is Michelle Wagura, I’m 17 years old, and I was born and raised in Kenya up until I was twelve years old is when my family and I moved here in North Carolina.

 I’m currently a student at Cary High School and about to start my senior year there as Class of 2019. During my free time I enjoy drawing/painting, hanging out friends and mainly spending time with family.
I support Myles of Great Hopes because it’s one of those organizations that are really unique and different.  Hours of hard work is put in and a lot of dedication by the crew and volunteers to ensure that others hear about their purpose and mission in making a difference. They help in reaching out and supporting those people that undergo hardships and have trouble receiving clean water and other resources.  It teaches people to see other people’s perspective that are different from ours. But most of all, Myles of Great Hopes encourages people to unite together and make a difference in our society.