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George Oula
Youth & Talent Development Director

My name is George Oula born in the Rift valley Kenya currently in my mid-twenties I’m 6.5 ft. tall brown eyes and a proud citizen I am currently living and working in nakuru Kenya as a music teacher and an activist of change mobilizing youths through empowerment programs and social interactions to make them aware of the current affairs and ways to curb unemployment , for the betterment of the community,  what makes me unique is the fact that I believe in craftsmanship i operate knowing that everything i do has a greater impact to the world.

I’m a member of the (YMCA) young men Christian association Nakuru brunch always mobilizing young people for the African renaissance. Being a leader is my strength, I am excited when I see change and progress in my community and the world

I’m a strong believer of my profession I’m a lover of music and arts currently pursuing graphic arts and music, in my home town I’m well known for playing guitar and piano violin vocal coach therefore I’m also a music tutor I appreciate community by impacting skills to others who are in need . I have a music and arts school that’s where I spend most of my time teaching and writing music, the most exciting part of this is when the look in the eyes of your student changes to a realization that  he or she has learnt something new and can apply it in his or her daily life .

As a volunteer of Miles of great hope has helped me realize my potential in community appreciation, I got inspired to revive, sustain and empower hope, it’s a family that embraces ideas, appreciates brains and work alongside volunteers who are ready to stir the wheal with clear purpose of serving communities in rural Kenya and beyond. With miles of great hope I’ve been able to understand self-reliance and output productively.

I’m passionate about charity and mercy missions my motto is “love mercy and walk humbly” I believe it’s rewarding and it is what humanity is all about. My vision as a young person is to one day prove that the sole purpose of giving youth the opportunity  “will prove that young people really are the future. And a good one too, people need hope. Something I learnt about myself is that creating a smile where there is an absence thereof, takes preference over sustaining my own”.