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Christine Muraguri – Bio
MoGH Arizona Representative

My name is Christine Muraguri. I am a Kenyan American currently living in Durham North Carloina. My family and I moved to the US a couple years ago and attended college here.I am a Human Resources specialist working in Durham. In my free time, I love to take photos, paint, and volunteer with organizations that make a positive difference.

I started working with Myles of Great Hopes shortly after the organization began as a volunteer. I was away at college in Wilmington at the time, so most of the opportunities were during the summer and on holidays. I connected to the mission of MOGH for a number of reasons. Growing up in Kenya, I saw the impact that clean water has on lives and whole families. I knew that in many parts of Kenya, and all over the world, girls and women spend hours walking to collect unclean water, missing out on education, economic engagement and s much more. Growing up, my parents always emphasized to me and my siblings the importance of education, so I instantly connected with this part of MOGHs mission and vision too. An education is one of the things that I believe is a human right and that everyone should have access to. I had the opportunity to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, and that relly brought home the impact that a lack of access to clean water, education or healthcare can have on a family and a community. Once I got back home, I got a lot more involved with MOGH, working on the events, and fundraisers, and finally joining the board. The MOGH team is very committed to changing lives and giving communities the tools, they need improve the conditions of living. I love being a part of that and using my skills, knowledge and time to make a positive difference in others lives.

I would welcome others to join the MOGH team and myself to contribute in any way possible. There are multiple ways to do that, from contributing to one of the causes on the MOGH website, to volunteering for events, or even just telling friends and family about the organization. Together we can make a positive difference in the world and give all people the chance to a brighter future.