We are gladly inviting you to a Kenyan Cuisine Gala Night to share the warmth, love and joy the holiday brings by sharing a meal with a group of an amazing diverse people from our beautiful Triangle Area. The dinner proceeds will quench the water thirst in rural Kenya at a semi arid region school and the community around. We appreciate amazing support from the Knights of Columbus. Use event Brite link below and get your ticket by Tuesday November 28th. 
Dinner Venue: Knights of Columbus, 4301 Columbus Club Drive, Raleigh NC 27604
  •  Kenyan Cuisine with vegetarian option
  • Mr. Phil Walters live on the tunes playing some greatest like Lean on Me, Don’t Let Go, By the Rivers of Babylon, Bob Marley, his original pieces, a sing – song write, our authentic Triangle Steve Wonder you can’t afford to miss
  • Myles of Great Hopes short video of our work, small inputs, great impacts
  •  Memory moments to catch the joy and smiles for you so be ready for the camera
  • @DJKshift in the house for that dance
  • Your moderator Dr. Violet Smart Hill, be ready my friend
  • We encourage you to build your table of friends and we will assign you one.
  • Each table sits 8 people
  • You can also sponsor a table, we will recognize you in all aspects to appreciate your business etc. Call us directly for details on this part.
  • Please join our facebook page for daily updates, all the fun will be there to keep you looped
  • We appreciate you greatly, Be on time!