Myles of Great Hopes observes Christian values and Principles and appreciates the ministry of God to thrive to his people. All work we engage in is designed through love for others with great passion, commitment, respect, humility and humbleness that in faith and hope, we will lift others in spirit, Godly guidance, blessed motivation and achieve our vision and purpose.

  • Community Boreholes
  • Church needs such as bibles, chairs, rehabilitations
  • After school day care initiative
  • Training, health and nutrition seminars
  • Volunteer camps
  • Community resource centers

Water is a precious commodity and especially to this Salvation Army church Myles of Great Hopes laid eyes on. The church in Embu County is a home to Nyangeri Salvation Army whose more than 160 members depended in Itimbogo River. See below. The unfortunate thing was the fact that this brown river was contaminated water due to heavy fertilizers used by farmers that gets washed down to the river,



Now, because of well wishers, sponsors and donors, MoGH channeled the resources and the same church members can drink clean water from the donated tank. Making a difference



In our church engagement, help needed ranges from donating a bible, to water, to social involvement and leading conferences wherever possible. One such idea is helping to initiate programs like child care, after school care, training camps, center to educate and gather volunteers, as well as water projects for the community.


Hope Restoration Church International is one among many churches that Myles of Great Hopes sees doing work with. In a handful of people in Raleigh NC, our goal to fundraise for a bible distribution was a good call. Bishop – Dr. Stanley Michuki was very lucky to have been present while fundraising and personally be involved with free bible drive to everyone.


According to the book of John 4:14 – But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. We are saying; water is life as the bible validates.


Emacurate performs during the MoGH and HRCI bible fundraiser in Raleigh July 16th 2011. On right is Isaac welcoming Apostle Eunice Mukuria of Richmond – Virginia.


last MOGH 2015 flyer (1)     


On the left are Bishop Michuki and his wife, Apostle Eunice Mukuria, and Dr. Gacengeci and his wife during the fundraiser. Dr. Gacengeci of Cornerstone Renewal Church International joined hands with Myles of Great Hopes in support of the Bible drive. Dr. Bishop Michuki gave key note message why bibles were needed.



On the left, Bishop Michuki on return to Kenya bought and distributed the bibles. On the right are the wonderful families and friends who came to support our bible drive cause.